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Devin Duncan is my secret weapon. I consult him on every project I implement. His ingenuity, critical-thinking skills & unique perspective continues to make me money!-James Wedmore

About Devin

Devin is a devout husband, Christ follower and New Yorker. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 15 and loves the independance and freedom it provides.

He made his first attempt in ecommerce in 2005 and quickly learned the ins and outs of selling online. In 2006, while still in college, he started CustomGreekThreads.com, a customized apparel site servicing the college Greek market. Over the next few years he grew that company to one of the top 3 in the marketplace, all with no sales people, just the power of the internet.

Along with his wife, Melanie, he quickly expanded with another online brand, LuxuryMonograms.com, which sells customized home decor items. This brand received rapid recognition from top design websites and media sources including being featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s The Nate Burkus Show, New York Magazine and many others.

Devin describes his most important skill as being able to build a great team that he can trust and deligate important projects to. Because of this he is able to live in New York City while his offices are in California. Using the power of the internet and systems Devin works virtually and can travel the world over 25 weeks per year.

Devin & Melanie’s largest passion is helping other business owners find more success. They now devote their time to creating educational programs for entrepreneurs and have impacted businesses and lives all over the world. OnlineEdgeAcademy.com is their flagship training program with a community of thousands of business owners learning, creating and growing. Pretty amazing, considering it all started with a sweatshirt.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. -Seneca


Custom Greek Threads

Custom Greek Threads

CustomGreekThreads.com is an online store that sells fraternity and sorority custom clothing and merchandise. It was started in 2007 and is one of the top 3 businesses in the industry. It has had incredible growth and now competes with businesses that have been around for 10 years longer.

Luxury Monograms

Luxury Monograms

LuxuryMonograms.com is the brainchild of Melanie, Devin's wife. It is a luxury home goods line mixed in with monogram customization. Launched in 2011 it has garnered attention from major publications and design firms around the country.

Online Edge Academy

Online Edge Academy

OnlineEdgeAcademy.com is for business owners to learn how to improve their online marketing. With a community of thousands of business owners learning, creating and growing together this is the flagship training program that Devin has created.

let me show you how to achieve success in your online marketing.

we are what we repeatedly do. excellence then is not an act, but a habit. -aristotle

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